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Engineering Projects

We've worked on projects across Saskatchewan

Martensville-10th Ave Arterial Road
Martensville, SK
Client: City of Martensville

This project included development of an arterial roadway adjacent to the Lake Vista development that will provide access for residents of this new development along with connection from Main Street to Third Street North.

The design included road alignment, grades, and storm sewer to achieve a minimalistic road design to reduce concrete costs where possible, and disappearing concrete medians in two locations throughout the roadway.

ASL Paving Ltd. was the successful contractor and completed the project on time and within budget in fall of 2015. The section of road constructed was 700 metres in length and includes inlaid thermoplastic pavement markings installed by LaFrentz.


  • Project design including preparation of the specifications and drawings
  • Site surveying & construction layout
  • Site inspection during construction
  • Contract administration
  • Project management
  • Coordination Between Contractor and Client