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Engineering Projects

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Ravenswood Traffic Impact Assessment
RM of Corman Park, SK
Client: Larry Grozell

Ravenswood Development is a country residence and care facility, located south of Clarence Avenue and Grasswood Road intersection, south of the Saskatoon city limit within the RM of Corman Park. At full build-out condition, the Ravenswood Development will consist of 43 single family lots, an assisted living facility, two senior housing facilities and a community center. The scope of work included:

  • Estimation of project trips
  • Geographic distribution, assignment of project trips on surrounding road network, and access locations
  • Capacity analysis of access intersection
  • Analysis of existing traffic condition, as well as future background and full build-out conditions
  • Intersection illumination and turning lanes warrant analysis
  • Review of sight distance requirements and access management


  • Traffic Survey & Data Collection
  • Trip Generation, Distribution & Assignment
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Turning Lane Warrant Analysis
  • Illumination Warrant for Intersection Lighting