A well thought out plan includes a balanced approach to the environment, the economy, infrastructure, and community well-being.

Catterall & Wright is now offering community planning services. As communities grow and change, we recognize the need for planning in the public and private sector. Planning is a necessary component of a successful project, whether it’s a new subdivision or creating policy.  Our planning team works with our other disciplines to set the framework at the beginning of a project, ensuring the objective considers all possible influences. Planning sets the vision and provides an implementation plan to bring it to fruition. Each plan leverages the unique context of visioning, opportunities, constraints, and policy framework.


Our Services include:

Acquisition & Due Diligence Studies
Our team will review all characteristics of a parcel of land when a developer is seeking an acquisition. Typical services include zoning and future land use analysis, opportunities for bylaw amendments, serviceability, environmental considerations, proximity to employment areas and amenities, and proforma analyses.


Urban Master Planning
Our planning team has worked on urban masterplans ranging from an executive golf course development to a 1,000 acre multi-neighbourhood development. Our plans typically include a detailed land use layout and statistics, policy framework compliance, and a serviceability study.


Plan of Proposed Subdivision
Our planning team has the authority to sign a Plan of Proposed Subdivision, which is the first step in subdividing land once appropriate studies have been completed. After boundary control is established and a land use plan is created, our team of technologists will draft the Plan of Proposed Subdivision for review by our Senior Planner.


Zoning Bylaws & Official Community Plans
Our planning team is experienced in creating and amending both zoning bylaws and official community plans. We will help the municipality seek feedback from the community, draft the plan, and then present it to both the public and Council for buy-in and approval.


Downtown Planning
Downtown’s require special attention due to their history, and their important function as the heart of the community. Our planning team provides advice and strategies on improving your downtown to address heritage and culture, transportation, streetscaping, built form, green spaces, and underutilized land.


Country Residential Planning
Catterall & Wright is experienced in several country residential developments in Saskatchewan. We start with an investigation of servicing options, and then design accordingly to meet the objectives of the client and approving authority.

Market Studies
Catterall & Wright completes market studies to help clients understand the demand for their product. This process generally includes data collection, analysis, and probable outcomes in terms of annual unit absorption.


Highest & Best Use Analysis
Reviewing existing uses within a specified trading area and identifying gaps in the market. This process helps the developer or municipality identify uses that have a higher probability of success.


Development Approvals
Catterall & Wright helps applicants navigate approvals through various regulators. While the approval process can be cumbersome, our team has helped many clients gain approval in an expeditious manner.


Municipal Planning Advisory 
Our planning team helps municipalities navigate planning issues or requests on an as-needed basis. Typical requests may include discretionary use applications, zoning amendments, OCP updates, concept plan reviews, or subdivision applications.


Public Consultation & Engagement
Public and stakeholder feedback is a necessary component of the planning process. Our team will create and execute an engagement strategy for various types of projects. We also have several in-house technical specialists of varying disciplines who can help answer questions at engagement events.

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