Accurate plans mean better project results.

We have extensive knowledge working on residential, commercial and industrial land development projects ranging from condo complexes to large scale neighbourhoods and commercial/industrial areas.


Our approach is to design with a long term vision in mind and provide practical solutions for our clients. We will assist from start to finish, from the conceptual stage to design and construction, we provide reliable and personal service right through to your warranty inspections.


Our Services include:

Feasibility Studies
C&W will review site serviceability to provide valuable information for building on undeveloped land or within existing communities (in-fill development).


Preliminary & Conceptual Designs
Review servicing concepts and provide recommendations for current and future growth.


Water Distribution Systems & Modelling
With the use of our WaterGems software, C&W can create a model of the existing and proposed water system network to review fire flow capabilities and design for adequate pumping and distribution pressure.


Wastewater and Storm Water Management Systems
Using our XPSWWM modelling software, detailed models assist with analyzing the impact of rainfall events on the wastewater and storm water systems.
We can provide solutions for storage and retention of excess storm water, including but not limited to wet ponds, wet-dry ponds, in-line storage and underground tank systems.


Surface Drainage Analysis
In conjunction with topographical information to provide contours, with the use of our Global Mapper software we can project catchment areas to assist with spill point determination to assess general drainage patterns for your site

Terrain and Earthworks Modelling
Our surveyors are well equipped with GPS, Total Station and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) surveying to provide detailed topographical information to model surface elevations and determine quantities.


Transportation – Roadways & Parking Lots
C&W is capable of designing for new roadways and parking lots suitable for your development. Providing solutions for rehabilitation is also one of our strengths.
Our AutoTurn software can assist with modelling large vehicle turning movements in tight areas. Traffic calming methods and traffic circles are just a few of the measures we have designed to both restrict and keep traffic flowing.
We also work with geotechnical consultants to provide a design road structure that suits the needs of your development.


Our CAD group is well versed in current CAD & Civil3D software to draft your design in a clear and concise manner.

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