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Our experience in Water and Wastewater Management Systems allows us to assess local conditions and recommend a cost effective solution to our client.


C&W provides consultations for a range of water and wastewater infrastructure, including:

Potable Water Treatment, Storage and Pumping Stations

From a small water treatment system for a campground to an automated system with remote monitoring for your Town or upgrades of unit processes for City’s. We provide complete services for water treatment plants from reviews and planning for upgrades to the design and construction administration of major upgrades. Planning for an orderly upgrade to avoid outages and mitigate risks wherever possible is a major task as current water infrastructure ages.


Water Distribution and Supply Pipelines

Using our software modelling packages we can assist with determining the best suited approach to the moving water.  We can provide solutions for pumped or gravity systems.


Wastewater Pumping Stations

Lift station designs include submersible manhole type to dry well/wet well arrangements. We will help you select the one that best suits the operational and budgetary needs.


Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

We provide solutions for treatment from basic stabilization lagoons to mechanical systems.  We will coordinate downstream use impact study that assesses what the environment can handle and then sets the treatment goals.

Storm Water Management Systems & Drainage
Using our XPSWWM modelling software, detailed models assist with analyzing the impact of rainfall events on storm water systems. We can provide solutions for storage and retention of excess storm water, including but not limited to wet ponds, wet-dry ponds, in-line storage and underground tank systems. In conjunction with surveyed topographical information to provide contours, with the use of our Global Mapper software we can project catchment areas to assist with spill point determination to assess general drainage patterns for your site.


Solid Waste Management
We understand the increasing need for improved solid waste management and have designed facilities to handle general waste including concrete ramps for ease of dumping and pickup, along with sorting of recyclables, compost materials, metals, tires, used oil, etc.

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