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Humboldt – Water Distribution Facility

City of Humboldt
Catterall & Wright provided design, tendering and inspection services for construction of an expansion and refresh of the Water Distribution Facility. The existing facility had reached the end of its useful lifetime and was beginning to experience equipment faults at an increasing rate. The facility had also reached its maximum design capacity both in terms of water storage and water distribution pumping. The upgrade includes a new 2200 cubic meter storage reservoir, new distribution pumps and a general building refresh which brings it up to current standards. Distribution pumping was re-arranged in such a way to allow greater flexibility in flow of water in the reservoirs. One of the most significant challenges on this project is coordination of the construction in such a way that the facility remains in operation throughout the process and water supply to the City is not interrupted. This project will significantly improve the reliability of the system and reduce the number of City wide precautionary drinking water advisories. This project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2017.
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