Working with communities to find workable solutions.

Catterall & Wright has worked with municipalities, First Nations, institutions, and government organizations for over 50 years. We value the long term relationships we’ve had with many of these clients and welcome the opportunity to meet with new clients.


Our approach is to provide practical and reliable consulting services with a long term vision in mind. We will assist our clients from start to finish, from the conceptual stage to design and construction, we provide personal service right through to your warranty inspections and are only a phone call away!


Our Services include:

Feasibility Studies
C&W will review site serviceability to provide valuable information for municipalities to plan for future growth or infill development within the community.

Asset Management Studies
Infrastructure is costly to maintain and even more so to replace. C&W can help compile asset data using record drawings and site investigations to determine existing condition, replacement values, maintenance plans and replacement plans.

Infrastructure Capacity Studies & Planning
In conjunction with an asset management plan, we can also review the capacity and condition of your water, wastewater and stormwater systems. This can include small to large scale drainage studies, lagoon assessments, water systems assessments (WSA reports) and storm water management plans for flood prone areas.
Planning based on capacity and condition is valuable for smart growth that looks beyond the immediate needs of a community or development to ensure future development goals are not compromised but planned for.

Preliminary & Conceptual Designs
Review servicing concepts and provide recommendations for current and future growth.

Development & Servicing Agreements & Levies

We can assist with structuring development and servicing agreements between municipalities and developers to ensure development proceeds according to the municipalities standards.
Determination of levies can also be provided based on infrastructure plans for future growth to ensure municipalities can provide off-site services including parks, recreating, arterial roadways, storm water retention, water & wastewater distribution and treatment that are required for growth.

Transportation – Roadways & Parking Lots
C&W is capable of designing for new roadways and parking lots suitable for your community.
Providing solutions for rehabilitation is also one of our strengths. Our AutoTurn software can assist with modelling large vehicle turning movements in tight areas. Traffic calming methods and traffic circles are just a few of the measures we have designed to both restrict and keep traffic flowing.
We also work with local geotechnical consultants to evaluate existing material structure to provide a design road structure that suits the needs of your municipality.



Water Distribution Systems & Modelling
With the use of our WaterGems software, C&W can create a model of the existing and proposed water system network to review fire flow capabilities and design for adequate pumping and distribution pressure.



Wastewater and Stormwater Management Systems
Using our XPSWWM modelling software, detailed models assist with analyzing the impact of rainfall events on the wastewater and stormwater systems. We can provide solutions for storage and retention of excess storm water, including but not limited to wet ponds, wet-dry ponds, in-line storage and underground tank systems.



Local Improvements
C&W can assist with budgeting for Preliminary Assessment Schedules for local improvements including road construction, water, wastewater and stormwater projects. We’ve assisted with the assessment of property frontage and flankage to help municipalities determine assessable rates for residents. 

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