Using the newest technology for more accuracy & detail.

We maintain a fleet of survey equipment including multiple Leica Viva GPS units, Leica TCR Total Stations, Sokkia Optical Levels, and the first Infinite Jib Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveying drone’s in the province. Whether it is construction tracking with GPS, or large scale feasibility analysis with a UAV, our goal is always to deliver cost effective survey services in a timely and professional manner.

Preliminary Topographical Surveys
We will assess the site to be surveyed and provide a proposal for the best method to obtain topographical data, whether by foot with our GPS or total station or with the use of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with GPS mounted equipment or UAV for larger sites or areas with difficult terrain. We may recommend the use of an ATV with GPS mounted equipment or for areas where our Infinite Jib UAV to take to skies.


Construction Layout & Quality Control
Our experienced field staff will provide onsite surveying and observation to ensure the project is constructed according to the design drawings and specifications.
We have excellent relationships with many of the contractors we work with and take pride when contractors say they want to bid on our jobs. We’re always open to alternatives and are willing to work with the Client and Contractor to find a practical and reasonable solution.

Quantity Tracking & Construction Progress
During construction we will track quantities for earthworks, and compare preliminary construction estimates against actual volume calculations.

Aerial Surveys for Terrain Modelling
With the use of our multi rotor UAV, our qualified pilots will determine the best possible flight pattern to model the site quickly and accurately. Using our point cloud cleanup software 3D Reshaper, contours and DTM models can be generated for large scale surface analysis.

Photogrammetric Surveys

Using PIX 4D digital photogrammetry software, our aerial survey technologists will stitch together multiple aerial photos taken with our multi rotor UAV to create a georeferenced orthophoto of the site.

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