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Cumberland Square Mall Traffic Impact Assessment

Concorde Group Corp.
Cumberland Square Mall is located on the corner of 8th Street East and Cumberland Avenue South in Saskatoon and is proposed to be redeveloped by 2020. The development site is approximately 6.78 acres and is proposed to be designated for services, retail, office and residential uses in four (4) buildings including a 15-floor residential tower. The scope of work included estimation of previous trips prior to redevelopment process, estimation of proposed site-generated trips and calculation of net trips resulting from the proposed redevelopment, geographic distribution and assignment of net project trips on access intersection and adjacent driveways. Capacity analysis of access intersection and site driveways, analysis of existing traffic condition as well as future background and full build-out conditions. Review of access management and proposed access locations with respect to corner clearance distance and conduct queueing analysis at access intersection and site driveways to determine if backup queues at intersection will block any of the development access.
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