Student Choice Award – Engineering & Geoscience

Sanitary Sewer Basement Backup Mitigation – City of Humboldt, SK

Project summary:

In 2010, the City of Humboldt experienced extreme weather events which resulted in severe flooding of the area and several sewer backups.

An XPSWMM computer model of the entire CITY of Humboldt’s sanitary sewer collection system was constructed. Data such as high water marks in sanitary sewer manholes, location of sewer backups, sewage pump station data, and environmental records was collected to aid in the calibration of the model, with the objective being to re-create the storm event of 2010. Once an accurate model was constructed mitigation recommendations could be issued. One of the recommendations was a large Sanitary Sewer Storage Tank. Sanitary Storage Tanks began construction in fall 2012 with completion spring 2013. The tanks allow for storage of sanitary sewer during storm events allowing for controlled discharge back to the system when sewage flows have dissipated.

The design objective was to design a sanitary sewer storage tank system, which would remediate basement flooding during large rainfall events. Constraints included land availability, budget. The challenge was to determine the optimal location to provide maximum benefit to residents. Research and implementation of new products was also a challenge to meet budget constraints.


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